Posted by jgehtland Sat, 21 Oct 2006 17:54:37 GMT

Yikes. So, I’ve been in Canada all weekend at a conference, and my hard drive had a catastrophic failure. I’ve been fighting it ever since, hence the extra two days to get the build up. We’ve had to remove two features from this build due to lost work: Lightbox support (as an alternate to Prototype Windows) and Bill Katz’s Authorization plugin (we’ll release an 0.0.6 ASAP with just that in it).

That being said, here’s what’s in 0.0.5:

  • Better error messages. We’re now dropping notes into the logs and on screen that tell you what happened as much as possible (no such relationship, no such type, Sparklines not installed, etc.). If you have a weird problem, check the log for anything that starts with “STREAMLINED”.
  • New relationship syntax. Don’t worry, the original syntax still works, but for all new models, use the new syntax. It looks like this: relationship :line_items, :view => {:name => :membership}, :summary => {:name => :list, :fields => [:customer, :amount]}
  • Sparklines Integration. This one requires RMagick to be installed and will try to tell you if it isn’t. It also requires you to install the Sparklines plugin to the app before you run it. The only graph we’ve implemented so far is a pie chart of the ratio of items associated to the total number of possible items. Here’s the syntax example: relationship :line_items, :summary => {:name => :graph, :type => :pie}
  • Optional pagination. There is a generator flag (—no-pagination) that will turn pagination off by default. Regardless of which you choose (on or off) you can override it in the _ui file. class line_item_ui < Streamlined::UI pagination true # or false end
  • Uses Rails’ model generators. If Streamlined tries to create a model class for you, it will use Rails’ model generator instead of the custom one previously provided. The models will now have unit and functional tests, etc.
  • Overlib integration. You simply specify one or more columns on your class as popup_columns, and fill in the body of _popup.html to display the appropriate information. Example: class LineItemUI << Streamlined_UI.rhtml popup_columns :name, :total end
  • acts_as_authenticated. If you choose this option (—authentication=AAA), Streamlined will attempt to install the plugin from the remote repository. It will then run the generator, which will create a model (user), a controller (account), and some login/logout views under app/views/account/. It will also create a migration for User, and one to add a default user (username=admin, password=admin). Make sure to run them before launching the app.

We’ll document all this much more thoroughly in the morning, but if you are just too anxious, you can get it now and hope these docs are enough.

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