Sorry for wacky posts on feed

Posted by jgehtland Sat, 21 Oct 2006 18:00:51 GMT

I went back and retrieved old posts from the Google cache, and added them so they appear in the correct order if you go to the site, but they get slammed out to the RSS feed anyway. So, you can safely ignore the last 7 posts on the feed.

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Well, that sucks

Posted by jgehtland Wed, 18 Oct 2006 03:26:30 GMT

I just updated from Typo 2.6 to Typo 4.0 and have lost all the content from the blog. Yuck. I’m going to try to get it all back from the backups, but that might take a little time. In the meanwhile, don’t panic if you are looking for the archives. They’re coming back. I hope.

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