Testing Progress

Posted by jgehtland Sun, 19 Nov 2006 02:08:45 GMT

While we’ve been at Rails Edge, we’ve gotten test coverage up over 50% and we expect to be 90+ this week. Go Team!

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Rails Edge this weekend; what's our status?

Posted by jgehtland Mon, 13 Nov 2006 15:31:44 GMT

So, we’ve been heads down doing three things around here lately:

  1. Fixing bugs
  2. Rolling in your supplied patches
  3. Moving Streamlined to be a plugin rather than a generator

We’ve gotten a little too wrapped up in that last one, and as such, have gone dark the last couple of weeks. Pulling our heads out of our butts a little bit, we’re now going to refocus on getting 0.0.6 pushed out here ASAP. Not going to put a date on it, but we’ll be at RailsEdge this week giving a talk on Streamlined and I want to be able to at least demo 0.0.6 for everybody there, so let’s hope soon.

The biggest news for 0.0.6 will be the new look and feel, which finally has the AjaxScaffold integration. Here’s a quick peek.

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